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To me, photography is really is the perfect blend of technology, chemistry and creativity, that in the hands of a true craftsmen has produced some of the most stunning works of art known to man.--Jason Hartog

Becoming a photographer is an obvious choice for Jason; it gives him the opportunity to be creative, meet great people, and play with cool gadgets. 

He printed his first 8x10 in the high school dark room, and since then the magic of capturing the perfect exposure had him hooked.  Since those days rocking the paper gently back and forth in the tray, Jason has spent almost every day of the past 20 years taking beautiful photographs that tell impactful stories for his clients. Over the past years, Jason has specialized in architectural interior and exterior photography, providing images for leading consumer publications, high-end architects and designers, and retailers in that space.  Prior to that, he has gained experience capturing stunning images for the automotive, electronics, and apparel industries.
Jason is also teaching the next generation of photographers how to use the lens, digital tools and new technology to capture beauty, relay stories, and decipher life. He teaches at Fanshawe College in the 3rd year of the Advanced Photography Program, where he also helped to develop the program curriculum. He lives in Guelph, Ontario, Canada with his wife and three children.

 Partial Client List

 -Paradigm Electronics

-Martin Logan

-Anthem Av





-Whittington & co

-Alcorn Home

-Unique Off grid Appliances 


-VF Corporation


-Terra Footwear

-Dickies Footwear

-Work Authority

-Hybrid Power Solutions

-Graham Construction


-Arctic cool

-Grin Toothbrush


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